Other Fenders

F-Type Fender

Designed for use at fishing port, marina, pontoon, etc. for fishing boats and small size ships. These are the variations of a V-shape fender and useful for installation on a limited space. The fenders for whart corners are also available.

Portfolio of F-Type Fender

Pneumtic Fender

This is ideal in the situations where a fixed fender is not applicable such as to ship-to-ship operations off shore and some ship-to-wharf operations. It is also suitable for the use at a quay where the tidal range is large. Like the hollow cylindrical fender,its initial reaction load is low at the early stage of compression and its cushion effect is virtually independent from an approaching angle of a ship. Size range: 0.3~3.3m o/d

Portfolio of Pneumatic Fender

Hollow Cylindrical and D-TYPE FENDER

Merits of Hollow Cylindrical and D-TYPE FENDER

Hollow cylindical

H.C. type fender is the fundamental rubber fender in the simple shape of hollow cylinder. The standard ratios between outside and inside diameters are 2 to 1 and 1.75 to 1. Compared with other type of fenders, it has the lower spring constant at the earlier stage of its deflection, and is easily deformed until it is compressed to close its bore. In other words, it can be largely deformed at the stage where the reaction load is low. For installation, the anchor bolt arrangement is not necessary to be so precise.

D-type fender displays higher energy absorption capacity. It can be mounted on quay wall by means of anchor bolts. It is also applicable to the working ship, small size ship, etc. (Standard Size: D= H, d=1/ 2H)


Portfolio of Hollow Cylindrical and D-TYPE FENDER