With the progress of rationalization and modernization in marine transportation. the more effective and safe ship berthing has become the important requirement. For the recent ships which are generally designed to lighten their weight for their sizes, it would be insufficient only to employ the larger size in conventional type of fender.

Pi-Type Fender has been developed to meet the latest requirements as mentioned above, particularly for the wharves for the large ship more than 30,000DWT.

With the progress of rationalization and modernization in marine transportation, the more effective and safe ship berthing has become the important requirement. The large ship more than 30,000 dwt, bulk carrier and the ship with ship's belt, like ferry boat or Ro-Ro ship, need the rubbing board which is fixed with the frame bolts on the rubber buffers. For this kind of use, pi-type fender was developed in 1970 and has been improved. Pi-type Fender accepts the berthing ship with its wide rubbing board to permit the ship to make sate berthing at the lower face pressure. As Sumitimo always seeks for the most cost effective fender, we introduce Ultra Pi-type(UPi-type)fender, here, that has higher performance and maintains the advantagerous features of pi-type fender. We hope that UPi-type fender can have the place-to show its superior performances and provides the best assist for the safe and effective berthing.

Merits of Pi-TYPE FENDER


(1)It is allowed to select rubber legs of Pi-Type Fender in any length.

(2)Along with the above character, the variety in rubber compound of rubber leg enables the clients to select the most advantageous size or length of rubber leg from the view of economy.
The standard rubber compounds are ranged as follows in energy absorption capacity and reaction load.

Rubber compound
Rubber Compound CS or CPS CA or CPA C0 or CP0 C1 or CP1 C2 or CP2 C3 or CP3
Performance Index 1.55 1.50 1.40 1.20 1.00 0.80
Hardness Hard <---------------------------> Soft

※Special rubber compound can be available developing on design conditions.
※The data are subject to change without notice.

(3)Pi-Type Fender comprises the members of a rubbing board and independent pieces of rubber leg. This permits the assembly of rubber leg pieces to a rubbing board at any span according to the dimensions of rubbing board. (The rubber legs of Pi-400H size, however, are formed in a unit exceptionally)

(4)Energy Absorption and Reaction Load figures are proportional to the length of rubber leg.


Both upper and bottom bases of rubber leg are reinforced by the flange steel plates integrally embedded in them, one piece each. The assembly of rubbing board and anchorage of rubber leg on quay wall are made with the fixing bolts piercing through the bolt holes on the leg bases. This ensures the secure and simple application of bolts exerting no unreasonable force on the legs unlike the fender which assemble the rubbing board, etc. by means of bolts extending from the embedded steel plate.
Pi-Type Fender is enduring and in service for a long time.


Thanks to its open-legs form rubber legs, Pi-type Fender is highly resistant to the lateral frictional force exerted on it by the ship in berthing operation or making motions of heaving and surging at berth.


Pi-Type Fender can be installed either vertically or horizontally with little fear for droop, owing to stout quality and open legs form of rubber legs.

Portfolio of Pi-TYPE FENDER